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A New Liam Neeson Community—Skill_n_Poetry

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Sep. 3rd, 2008 | 12:11 pm
posted by: firieth_sidhe in agelesslove


“With real acting, true acting, there's nothing to hide behind. These fighters are there with all their strengths, and all their weaknesses... They can't act at what they're doing.

And I just always think, great performances in acting is something similar to that, you know. That it's not all technique. Of course, boxers have technique. The great ones have extraordinary technique.

But there's something else there, and it's that strength, and weakness, and that incredible vulnerability, makes for the wonderful skill and... poetry. When it's done well.”
—Mr. Liam Neeson, speaking of boxing and acting

This community is dedicated to the poetically talented actor Mr. Liam Neeson—the man behind such characters as Oscar Schindler, Rob Roy, Michael Collins, Henri Ducard, Mikhail Polenin, and Qui-Gon Jinn. Its purpose is to be a growing, constantly updated community that will further the knowledge of Mr. Neeson’s past, present, and future projects. It is also a place to share the artistic talents of his fans, whether through graphic art, written works, music, videos, or other mediums.

Skill_n_poetry respects the private life of Mr. Neeson and those close to him. For that reason, no unfounded rumours, slash, excessive fangirl/fanboy drooling, or speculations as to his sexual/political/social inclinations are permitted here. Posts are open to all members, but they will be moderated to insure that this respectful atmosphere remains to be so.

We have no official connection to Mr. Neeson, his family, friends, or business partners. What we do have, is a great appreciation for him and his work.

If you are a dedicated fan of Mr. Neeson, please consider joining skill_n_poetry (http://community.livejournal.com/skill_n_poetry/). Community rules are listed under "User Info".

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